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9 days ago
knowledgeable, friendly staff. painless process.
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28 days ago
I've visited here a few times, very knowledgeable and nice. I'll definitely be back.
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about 1 month ago
I came here after reading reviews,only to leave empty handed. I refuse to pay 15 bucks more for the same weak harvest bud i can get at other dispensaries for far less.the ONLY bud worth 60 an 1/8th is Verano brand bud. That goes for all growers, Culta bud would be 2nd, and you can get that alot cheaper elsewhere.until prices vome down i wont be back.
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2 months ago
Love love love going to your farmacy. Out of all the pharmacy’s around, they are by far he best. Wonderful customer service and All are very knowledgeable in all their products and more. Would suggest to anyone that’s a patient to check them out!!
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2 months ago
The best - Very accessible and huge parking lot... Wonderful and helpful employees. And most important outstanding selection/inventory!
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2 months ago
Everyone at Your Farmacy is eager to help. The special deals are consistent and worthwhile. I never wait long to get in, snd all of my experiences have been positive. Ample parking. I feel very comfortable shopping there....
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2 months ago
After a butt-kicking morning aqua class, I look forward to come here for my carts! everyone is so friendly, knowledge, Anne genuinely interested in finding the right products for me! I have TWO requests; keep the specials on the same day, so I can budget accordingly, and I don't miss a sale because the day changed. second request...drop the Senior Discount to 55+, as Rise offers. thank you...
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3 months ago
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4 months ago
This place was great, set up beautiful and so clean and organized everyone was so nice and very welcoming and helped me learn so much for my 1st time buying from the dispensary.
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4 months ago
the staff is friendly and knowledgeable...very nice place
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5 months ago
Great service, great weed, perfect location! Very kind knowledgeable and helpful staff. I have frequented dispensaries in Co. and Wa. & Farmacy staff really know what they are doing. This is my go to dispensary. (Hope md gets some full spectrum wa. type concentrates in soon, you get a flower experience with concentrate convenience!)
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